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We will cover five main vectors-of interest and their impact on everything:

1️⃣ #Metaverse

2️⃣ #immersive tech: #AR #VR #XR #MR

3️⃣ #AI and Machine Learning #ML

4️⃣ #Nfts and #Game of #Cryptos

5️⃣#Gaming #CryptoGames, and #gamification

Is there something missing on our five main vectors list that we should add? 

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juloot Founder
juloot Founder

Elhanan Gazit, Ph.D., is a Video Games Scholar and Metaverse Strategist specializing in Game-Thinking Design and Human Online Behavior.

Elhanan has spent his career helping people understand the impact of gaming and virtual worlds technologies and adopt them early. He regularly speaks at conferences and is sought out as a thought leader on immersive tech and innovation.

As juloot founder, he advises managers, hi-tech companies, brands, and startups worldwide. Elhanan utilizes his vast XP (experience) to analyze disruptive technologies, platforms, and future trends. He consults on Metaverse digital strategy, AR/ VR/ MR trends, and how to develop a gameful and growth mindset. Additionally, he serves as a business Mentor at Accelerator Hub for Startups.

Making sense of the Metaverse is the name of the game.

MetaverSense Ltd., founded in 2008, was the first Israeli full-service company for enterprise and the educational market. Elhanan is one of the founding fathers of Games Studies. He got over 15 years of researching and analyzing interactions and human online behavior in virtual reality and video games.

Elhanan launched juloot's Metaverse Think Tank, and he manages its LinkedIn Community.

Moreover, expect to learn from our distinguished visiting guests. 

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Why #MetaYeda?

juloot’s MetaYeda is a Brand name coined by Elhanan Gazit, Ph.D., juloot Founder. 

META (from the Greek μετά, meta, meaning "after" or "beyond") is a prefix meaning "more comprehensive" or "transcending." (Wikipedia).

YEDA is the Hebrew verb ידע (Yeda') which means Knowledge, or to Know (Yada'). Other meanings include to be made known, be revealed, to make oneself known, to be perceived, or to be instructed.

ידע is a fundamental root that occurs 944 times in the Old Testament.

I'll see you in the Metaverse. GameOn! 

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Elhanan Gazit, Ph.D.
Gaming🎮 Metaverse Strategist, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Investor, Speaker, Lecturer, Video Games Scholar / Founder @juloot